Clifton dental emergency

Clifton Dental Emergency

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Treating toothaches in Clifton

Clifton dental emergency
Clifton dental emergency

Different types of toothaches require different types of treatments, but one thing they all have in common is that they are examples of a Clifton dental emergency. With an exam and typically x-rays, a prompt diagnosis is made and you’re on your way to relief, and (hopefully) retaining your natural tooth. Here at Premier Family Dental Care, we’re prepared to take on patients with urgent need without undue delay.

Cavities are common causes of toothaches. This also includes one that already has a filling, but it has come loose or fallen out. All you’ll need is a new or replacement filling for it, which can be done in the course of a single visit. Another type of toothache that is a Clifton dental emergency is a chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth. In such an instance, our dentist will take impressions for the fashioning of a crown (cap) that is made at the dental lab. You’ll have to make a return trip, but your tooth is protected by a temporary crown that is fitted in the meantime. The bigger danger with cavities or structurally damaged teeth is that the breaching of the tooth’s protective barriers may result in a bacterial infection being sustained inside the tooth, where the pulp is located. The longer you wait to seek treatment, the more likely that is to occur, so we urge you to have your Clifton dental emergency taken care of as soon as possible. Should an infection be present, root canal therapy is required. Fortunately, the process has been made a comfortable and smooth one as a result of technological advancement in the equipment used and how the procedure is performed.

Don’t hesitate to call us when you have a toothache. We’ll have you seen in a timely manner. Remember, the pain is there for a reason, so don’t ignore it.

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