Clifton root canal

Clifton Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Clifton

There is typically a sense of urgency when you have severe tooth pain, and if you need prompt attention, we at Premier Family Dental Care are here to provide it for you. But even if you have what appears to be just a mild or intermittent toothache, it’s a very good idea to have it addressed right away. Among the possible treatments that could be required is our Clifton root canal.

Your enamel and dentin layers form a barrier around each tooth, keeping it shielded. The nerve inside is not subject to the impact of air, or sensations such as hot and cold. And the delicate pulp next to it remains protected from bacteria. When you develop a cavity, especially a larger one, it’s just one way that your inner tooth becomes vulnerable. The same is true for a loose or lost filling, or when your tooth sustains a chip or crack in it. The clock begins ticking immediately, and is before you may even be aware that there is a problem. So once pain appears, you may be able to prevent an infection in your tooth and our Clifton root canal by acting in a timely manner. If, however, you do need the procedure, let us assure you that it’s one that you don’t have to be nervous about. Most of our patients report back that they experienced very little discomfort, and often none at all. And with a success rate of about 90%, you can be confident in the results. Our Clifton root canal will save your tooth so that it does not have to be extracted. And the sooner the treatment is administered, the better the chances of a positive outcome.

Please call our office right way when you have a toothache, sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks, and possible gum tenderness or tooth discoloration. We will have you seen at the earliest opportunity for diagnosis and treatment.

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